The jealous husband in Coldplay was D. David Morin. Coldplay the Movie was actually his first movie. Although he was not unfamiliar with the acting. His mother was and actor as well as his aunt.

Before he acted Morin graduated from college in Colorado, then by selling skateboard parts, he put himself through law school. He even interned at the White House.

Morin must be a very carrying man. He has done famine work in West Africa.

He definitely has a fun side though as he claimed surfing was his profession for ten years and worked with a group of surfing publishers as Editor of Action.

He has been in over two hundred commercials, over thirty television spots, and has acted opposite of several very well noted actors and actresses.

After Coldplay his next film he directed and edited. This film won over 5 awards!

After these two movies, his film focus turned to the documentary side as he worked in several third world countries doing wildlife films. He even acted in an Amharic film.

He relocated from California to Cape Town, South Africa where he has founded an acting class in Cape Town.

Morin never married and is reported to love teaching others, and of course, he loves swimming!

It is no wonder he acted so well with his leading lady in Coldplay the Movie. Both of these amazing actors are highly educated and have a heart for educating others. Teaching what they know to be important makes them stand out among the others who simply do what they can to get paid and make a name for themselves. Morin seems to be a content man who does what he can to better the world by sharing his knowledge.

His amazing acting skills in Coldplay shined while he played the jealous husband and millionaire who wanted the treasures of people as well as belongings to be only his and no one else’s.



12/06/2016 11:10pm

very good.


To be honest, I haven’t seen the Coldplay movie. Upon reading your summary of the movie, I think it sounds interesting. I’m not really familiar with D.David Morin or the commercials he has been into. But the biography you’ve written about him says how simple and content kind-of-a person he is. Maybe, his love of teaching provokes him from being married. Likewise, we don’t know what comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to settling down. To choose the third world country over his colorful career in the United States is quite a sacrifice and he must have seen something in Cape Town that other cities doesn’t have.

05/02/2017 6:08am

I have not seen Coldplay the Movie yet. But after reading your post, I feel like I want to take a glimpse of it. I cannot believe that for someone who does not have any prior experience, David was able to win over five awards. He must be really good, and he must really like what he is doing. I believe that he will serve as an inspiration to those in the film industry.

06/21/2017 7:28pm

Wow! I didn't know he had that many achievements! I always see him in numerous commercials so I knew why he looks so familiar when I saw the photo. The thing I like about him is that even though he plays a character with bad intentions in a show, he is actually a really good person in real life. He has donated to many charities and has volunteered in many fundraising events. It is important that people separate reality from fiction because the characters we hate so much turn out to be good people with big hearts in real life. I hope he gets many more projects!

12/06/2016 11:17pm

I am really impressed by this post because it is about doctor which is playing important roll in movie. He tell us his first experience in movies and he is very happy for his movie. He also play the well educated person and teach the students.

02/23/2017 9:54am

I think I would watch a Cold Play movie now. You convince me!

04/27/2017 4:06pm

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06/18/2017 6:50pm

He is a person that embodies the ideal actor in films. He had set the bar for the people out there who wanted to have a career in acting. I personally thought acting was the path I should take. This dream withered right away when I tried theatre arts. The tremendous amount of commitment and passion actors must put in was too much for me to meet.


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