Our mysterious ex-convict in Coldplay the Movie did a wonderful job of portraying mystery but still being somewhat transparent with his emotions.

He plays the private investigator who is hired by our jealous millionaire to tail his suspected cheating wife.

At first it appears that this Irish tattooed convict might actually be falling for the wife, but in one short scene that is all thrown away when it is revealed he really only wants the egg and its fortune.

On top of doing an outstanding job of acting in this movie Geno Andrews also was the writer of Coldplay, an editor, director and the producer of this film. Quite an accomplishment for an award winning film.

There are several aspects of this movie that he conveys that will need further investigation as to if they have any special meaning to him personally. Such as the dog tags of his grandfather from World War One. The other thing that was attention catching was his last line in the movie “this won’t bring her back”. I am intrigued to know if this has any connection to him. Or maybe it was just a very well written line by him that sends chills right to the soul.

Andrews is well known for his project The Journeyman Project. This is a video game that he played a huge part in. He acted in it, composed it, and did the visual effects for it. Along with The Journeyman Project there was other video games that followed The journeyman Project2: Buried in Time, and The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime. With these following video games he had at least some part to play in each of them.

We often hear about great actors being great producers, writers, editors, and directors; But it is very rare to find an actor who is also so great at video game aspects too, such as being a visual effect artist, being a composer for video games, and audio effects. This is quite the accomplishment that he should be proud of and anyone who is fortunate enough to work with him will surely know his greatness from working with him.



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By reading your review, I think it is a great movie. I like suspense and action movies. The twist would be the convict, falling for the wife. It would be predictable but he's is still doing his job. I think when you are a convict, all that matters to you is money and your family. There will be no time for you to fall in love because once that you do, everything else fails.

03/22/2017 7:02pm

The movies looks really good since it has a great review. It feels like I'm already watching the movie because of how the review goes that it was so clear. What makes me more excited is that this the genre of movie that I'm into. I'm really excited to see this movie with my friends. Thank you for posting this review!

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It's a privilege to be part of a movie, of course, everyone is dreaming of being a champion someday. When I was a child, I want to be an actress that everybody will adore, I love reenact some actress' lines in the movie every time my mom told me or just messing things around. My grandmother always, make me dress like a princess and let me pretend like someone is recording it. I am glad to know your experience being part of the said movie. May you have more experience in life. God bless you!

01/04/2017 11:18pm

I really know no actor who is great in video game industry..and it's strange, because both industries are about visual things)


I love movies with suspense, mystery or thriller genres. Solving crimes and making deductions are always my hobby. These movies make my mind work hard. With this review, I can say that this movie is a must watch. I will add this to my list. Thanks!

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I just want to admit that Cold Play has only 6 stars on IMDB! Do you think it worth more?

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I have heard a lot about The Journeyman Project by Andrews. I think he got many appreciations after doing this project. Actually, he became famous after the release of this video game. Keep sharing more posts on this blog!


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