When the movie first began it was hard to tell who was the main character. However, during the interrogation scene of the two suspected men, it became slightly clearer that the main character was not a person at all. It was in fact a nearly priceless Fabergé egg.

They reference this egg with pretty close to the truth facts about its history. It was fashioned by Russian jewel artists, Mikhail Perkhim and Henrik Wigstrom, under the supervision of their mentor Peter Carl Faberge.

The Imperial egg was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II as an Easter gift for Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, The Tsar’s wife.

The movie dates the egg as being a gift in 1914 but in fact it was first gifted in 1897. Coldplay did however get the Tsar and Empress right as the original giver and receiver of this amazing egg.

Made of an astounding number of diamonds and gold this egg would really be a wonder to lay eyes on! The egg hinges to reveal yet another treasure of great Russian history. Inside the diamond incrusted egg is an exact replica of the imperial coach from the eighteenth century. This couch carried Alexandra to all the important events in her life starting with her own coronation. No wonder it is such a prized piece of Russian history. This egg must have held a very special place in Alexandra’s heart. The movie Coldplay did not go into any detail at all as to what was in the egg. This would of made the value of what they paid for the egg seem much more realistic if they had dove into the history a little more.

This egg of course has an amazing story all its own. Being a world traveler, and almost lost several times at the hands of war and greed. We are fortunate to still have it to this day to teach us of its history and how civilization was in Russia so very long ago.

The egg was also a key part to other movies too, such as Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Octopussy (1983). Both of these famous action filled films depict the Egg as having great value just as Coldplay did.

The security set into place for the egg in Coldplay was very in-depth. With constant laser beams circling the egg and a private security company hired to protect it. Assuming they did this move to imply that a private security company would respond faster than the local police department and to give the viewer a higher sense of value to this egg.

When the movie boils down to its core it is a jealous man who wants something expensive that another man, a foe if you will, wants also. The husband being the jealous man also feels the need to compete with his man over his own wife. He buys the egg for twenty million dollars just to spite the man that his wife was looking at.



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I’ve read all about Faberge eggs. Among the 50 decorated eggs given to the tsar’s wife, only 43 have survived. It was actually an Easter egg decorated with jewels and gold. It became one of the most expensive eggs in the world. Although it’s a regular hen’s eggs but it’s encrusted with diamonds and other stones on it. They said it contains some gold pour inside it but it isn’t. An eggs made by Russian artist for the tsar’s wife for Easter season.

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This imperial Egg in Coldplay the Movie was great, I always had my eyes on it like waoww this is pretty. I prefer purchasing essays and creative eggs. This egg indeed shows that it was made by Russian artist.

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