The leading lady in Coldplay is Vanessa Branch, comes only second to the beautiful Russian egg that everyone is in hot pursuit of.

It is actually kind of sad to see Vanessa’s character get tossed around from man to man with all the men really only carrying about the egg.

Let’s learn a little more about our girl Vanessa Lynn Branch.

She was born in 1973 in London, England but has dual citizenship with her birth country and the United States.

Quickly after graduating college she launched her acting/modeling occupation by being Miss Vermont in 1994 and then following that up with Miss America the following year.

Besides being in Coldplay the Movie she has done a fair share of television appetences including Lost, Gilmore Girls, Andy Barker, P.I., Star Trek: Voyager and the soap opera Port Charles.

Between the years of 2006 and 2010 she was featured in a big name magazine and did the voice overs for at least video game characters.

To say she is accomplished is an understatement. Being able to speak multiple languages, have a college education and have such a wide variety of acting and modeling on her resume, it is easy to say she is good at what she does. Not to mention the elite standing of being Miss America. Just think about how few women in the United States can say that! Very few.

Her role in Coldplay the Movie is the most surprising and well played rolls of the whole movie. She does a very good job of keeping you guessing what she is really up to, and not till the almost double twist at the end do you discover what she was up to! Well played Vanessa, well played!

Remember this face, surely we have not seen the last of her in the media world!



10/25/2016 2:10am

Can't wait to check this movie! When it will be released?

01/11/2017 5:29pm

Vanessa Branch is one of my few favorite Hollywood actresses. I’ve been watching Gilmore girls and I like how she acted on her role. I never know that she’s a beauty queen. For an actress to have a college degree or being multilingual is an achievement one can be proud of. We all know that not everyone in Hollywood has a college education. Only a few would even finish their degree for personal accomplishment. I think Vanessa Branch is a good role model to the youth for her well worth success.


Vanessa Branch is a versatile actress! I have seen many of her movies and I know her well from the Orbit gum commercial. Such a beautiful, talented woman! I hope that Hollywood would give her more chances to prove that she is a remarkable actress because she hasn't been in the spotlight for some time now. If I'm not mistaken, I saw her on her last TV show at Disney channel. Actresses like her deserves to be acknowledged by many people because it is rare to witness a talent like her.

03/19/2017 5:15pm

Vanessa Branch is surely a remarkable actress. She did a lot of very complicated roles, yet she played them really great. Learning a lot of languages in a play is sure one tough job. She is a very talented and kind person, a humble one. That's why She's blessed with these talents and She surely knows how to use them. Congratulations to you! You have a long journey ahead of you.


I haven't seen any of her movies at all but reading your post and describing her positively makes me want to watch her films. I'm sure she was a great actress and I believe that she will be successful in the future too! It' is really hard to find good actors and actresses that makes a good impression to the people, smart and very talented. I can't wait to see one of her movies because I believe that she is really good.

11/29/2016 12:32pm

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02/11/2017 5:28am

I like how did she played there too! Very talented!


Wow! I am definitely impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is actually going to assist me a good deal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.

04/28/2017 11:58pm

06/21/2017 4:36am

Vanessa Branch is one of the best actresses I love watching on screen. You have shared a lot about her personal life and how her hard works helped her in reach such a position in her life.

06/22/2017 6:58am

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