Mr. Jackson plays the intimidating police detective in Coldplay the Movie. This film was intriguing to Jackson as it kept him guessing till the very end the first time he read it.

Playing a Detective who is investigating the robbery of a priceless egg in combination with the alleged murder of the egg owners wife Jackson has a pretty cut and dry case in front of him as far as the murder goes, but the robbery of the egg and who committed the crimes leaves him and his detective partner looking at the husband/egg owner and the newest lover of the murder victim who also happens to be a private investigator hired by the other suspect, the extremely jealous husband who wants to protect his priceless egg and beautiful wife from being stolen away by anyone else. By the end of the movie both suspects have lost both the egg and the woman.

Little do the suspects or the detectives know they have all been fooled by the leading lady who leaves the life she hates to start over with a new identity. Although Jackson’s police character is informed about the fake identity obtained by the leading lady, the amount of her blood found in the wealthy couple’s bathroom cabinet leads everyone to believe she is dead and body is missing. He plays a very intelligent detective, but fails to investigate the new identity of the woman because of the assumption of death. This is how the very chilling Coldplay is accomplished with the police knowledge of how much blood someone cannot walk away from unhurt, unless of course she had been saving her blood for weeks to make her epic escape.

Along with Coldplay the Movie J.D. has been in Diary of a City Priest in 2001, and Lucky Number Slevin in 2006.

While the film list is short for J.D. Jackson he is much more versed in audio narration. He does his jobs as a voiceover actor for commercials, podcasts, IVR, Movies, Audiobooks, phone systems, documentaries, oh-hold messages, videogames, videogame trailers, and voicemails.

His voice over business is based out of Burbank California as Mr. Jackson lives in the Los Angeles area. In this day of age of technology, he is able to work in his area and send out his work to anyone anywhere via email, and can receive payment through PayPal. If you are in the market for such services look him up! We think he does great work!



11/23/2016 7:20am

Playing a role of detective in a movie is as good as any of role but it is also a most difficult role to do in any movie. But there also exists another fact that the acting of any actor in movie much depends on its director.

01/13/2017 4:07pm

J. D. Jackson’s role is definitely intriguing. I think he had a short exposure on this film. Although his role was a detective, he had a few screen times as I have observed. I didn’t notice him in Lucky Number Slevin. I’ve watched that film but I don’t remember what his role was. Anyway, it’s good for him to have a business outside Hollywood. Of course, entertainment industry is not forever and it’s not for everyone.

12/06/2016 5:51am

Detective movies are the great movies and ilove to watch them.

12/15/2016 4:21am

I have watched this movie twice. It has a really interesting storyline where a multimillionaire man suspects his wife of having an affair so he decided to hire a private investigator to tail her. However, the wife and the investigator decided to team up and they planned to steal the husband's imperial egg which costs 20 million dollars. Anyone who likes thriller movies must watch this. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon.


Show appreciation you for posting this. Playing a Detective who is investigating the robbery of a priceless egg in combination with the alleged murder of the egg owners is really awesome story..

02/03/2017 2:16pm

I thank for his info-this is very helpful.

02/09/2017 10:20pm

Mr. Jackson plays a nice role! Police detectives are plain clothes investigators who specialize in gathering facts and collecting evidence for criminal cases involving murder. Most of the work involves conducting interviews, examining records, monitoring the activities of suspects, and participating in raids or arrests. It surely a tough role. But I think he made his role easy and real in this film. He is surely a good and professional actor.


I can't say anything but great for your opinion. Wanna hear on another case.

02/19/2017 6:23am

I think it will be okay if I have different opinion than you. :d

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